Safety Is Good For Business

A strong compliance program can protect your team from workplace hazards as well as reduce turnover, increase productivity, & raise employee morale.

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Our Services 

Mock Inspections

Our "mock" safety inspection uses a CDC & OSHA approved checklist.  It works to ensure that proper safety controls are in place to prevent potential workplace hazards and breaches that could result in a State Board or OSHA inspection.

Team Training

Our courses are designed to train teams to increase compliance knowledge, reduce workplace injury/illness costs, & raise overall employee morale. The main objective is to equip teams to deliver the safest dental visit possible. 

Client Support

Our main goal is to support our clients in every aspect of compliance. Some of the additional resources we offer are industry partner promos, a private professional colleague think tank, & on-call access to a concierge consultant.

Our trainings are intended to assist dental teams as they strive to improve infection prevention & workplace safety. We do not make any guarantees that our trainings prevent federal/state entity inspections or violations. Ultimately the dental practice owner is responsible to ensure his/her team is adhering to federal & state laws.


Our Credentials 

Training is reviewed & fully accredited by the Academy of General Dentistry. Our compliance consultants are licensed dental healthcare providers who are authorized OSHA trainers & certified in infection control.