HIPAA Privacy & Security Course

Even though dental offices are self-contained entities, HIPAA rules for dentists apply to any dental practice that may send claims, eligibility requests, pre-determinations, claim status inquiries or treatment authorization requests electronically.

Furthermore, policies must be developed to instruct dental office team members on procedures for the use, disclosure and safeguarding of the PHI – not only to patients and colleagues, but also to business associates and third-party service providers.

Use this course as a team building exercise to strengthen HIPAA compliance in your dental practice.  When viewing this course, it is recommended to have all team members in attendance as this ensures everyone receives this mandatory training. Conduct a post-course discussion to answer any questions and review current HIPAA policies. 

Are you complying with HIPAA Rules for dentists?

HIPAA Privacy and Security for Covered Entities

This course covers HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security for covered entities.  It consists of two modules, HIPAA Privacy (approximately 40 minutes) and HIPAA Security (approximately 40 minutes).  Each module has 10-15 interactive quiz questions interspersed with short video segments. Trainees must score at least 70% correct on the quiz questions to pass each module.

This is an 80 minute PRE-RECORDED WEBINAR.

Topics covered:


• Health Privacy: HIPAA and Beyond

• What Is PHI?

• Confidentiality and Snooping

• Minimum Necessary Rule

• Disclosures

• Personal Rights

• Compliance Logs

• Authorization

• Enforcement



• Data Security Overview

• Passwords

• Websites and Software

• Email

• Data Disposal

• Physical Access

• Portable Devices

• Social Engineering

• Data Security Breach

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