Hi, I'm India Chance.

I founded this company for people just like you...

As a healthcare provider, my mission has always been to provide safer dentistry to my patients. As a compliance consultant, my mission is to equip you & your team so you can deliver the safest dental visit possible. My team and I are committed to bringing you up-to-date and credible information that allows you to create an environment that is safe for you, your team, and your patients.

Our Mission

Empowering Dental Safety, Building Trusting Partnerships

At Learn2Prevent, our mission is to equip dental teams with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver the safest dental visits possible. We are committed to providing up-to-date, credible, and necessary compliance training that empowers our clients to create an environment of safety for themselves, their teams, and their patients. 

We believe in building long-term partnerships over short-term gains. Through these partnerships, we can provide relevant and personalized content that not only supports team development but also contributes to the overall success of the business.

Our core values of trust, accountability, and honesty reflect in everything we do. We are not just a service provider, but a proactive partner who engages actively and maintains open communication with a personal touch. We firmly believe that cultivating relationships with our clients allows us all to benefit maximally from the partnership.

Our commitment runs deep - to ensure that every dental visit is safe, every dental team is confident, and every patient is reassured. At Learn2Prevent, we're transforming dental compliance, one practice at a time.

Our Core Values


What we say, we mean. We keep our promises and treat others with respect. We operate with honesty, transparency, and open communication.


We are a culture of performance and accountability. We face challenges head on to achieve our goals and deliver on our promises.


We are dedicated to seeking out opportunities that enhance our client experience. We resolve challenges and act quickly to deliver outstanding results.

Our Vision

Transforming Dental Safety, One Practice At A Time

Our vision at Learn2Prevent is to revolutionize dental safety and compliance on a global scale. We envision a future where every dental visit, regardless of location or practice size, is governed by the highest standards of safety and compliance.

We strive to become the trusted partner for dental practices worldwide, providing tailored compliance training that leaves no stone unturned. Through our long-term partnerships, we aim to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, enabling teams to deliver unparalleled patient care.

Guided by our core values of trust, accountability, and honesty, we aspire to set new benchmarks in transparency and integrity within the industry. We seek to create a world where proactive engagement and open communication are the norm, not the exception.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every dental team is empowered, every patient feels safe, and every practice operates at its full potential. In our envisioned future, Learn2Prevent will be synonymous with safety, excellence, and trust in dental compliance.

Our Founder

India R. Chance is a Registered Dental Hygienist, Certified Infection Control Educator, & Authorized OSHA Trainer who provides continuing education courses for dental healthcare providers to improve their knowledge of infection prevention & workplace safety. 

Nationally, she has trained hundreds of dental practice teams & her mission is to equip them with tools to help deliver the safest dental visit possible. She is a State Dental Board Inspector, National speaker, has worked on various CDC dental industry projects, & was a subject matter expert writer for USA Today. 

India holds a professional certification from the Organization for Safety, Asepsis, & Prevention (OSAP). It is a Nationally recognized certification for dental compliance trainers who provide training to dental teams on federal dental infection prevention and control guidelines as well as OSHA Standards.

You May Have Heard About Us...

Been in dentistry a long time & taken lots of courses but this one was chuck full of valuable information.

Dr. Peter Hadeed

Aesthetic Laser Periodontics & Dental Implants

If you need annual infection Control/OSHA training, look no further. Learn2Prevent is amazing!

Courtney Schnell

Practice Mgr - Krupp Center Maxillofacial & Oral Surgery

We are proud to say that we are a long time member of the Organization for Safety, Asepsis, & Prevention (OSAP). We are committed to promoting the message that dental infection prevention and safety is a priority. 

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